Hi, I'm Richard

This is my personal blog about losing weight and gaining strength. Currently I'm statistically obese (BMI >30.0). I'm about to change this and the purpose of this journal is to document the process. As of this writing I'm already two weeks in. Want to know more: you can do so by reading this page. Maybe this blog will inspire you. Maybe you will find some useful tips or just get motivated by my story

Making progess

It’s been a month and a half since I made the decision to get back into shape. I picked up running and drastically changed my diet. No more soda’s, snacks or any of that stuff. I usually g...

End of week 2

I actually finished W2D3 of the C25K last Thursday. I’m allowing myself more rest days in between runs. I’m afraid I’ll injure myself (which happened in the past a few times). This t...


This morning I finished W2D1 (Week 2, Day 1). I picked up the C25K (Couch to 5K) routine again after finishing this 10 years ago. Back then the program helped me eventually in running my first half ma...
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