New beginnings

New season, new set of goals. I'm not waiting for a new year year to start and setting my new year's resolution. Let's do it now: lose weight, learn Swift 3, meditate daily, develop and publish my own app, run a 10K.

Sounds like a lot but I'm giving myself a full year. Having twins and a SO with a fulltime job it's maybe a little over my head but I've managed similar goals in the past. I ran a half marathon, I moved to a foreign country (and back) and the hardest task was (is) raising two kids. So yeah, I should be able to complete the above mentioned goals. As for motivation? Nothings beats Shia LaBeouf's speech:

Richard Lemon

Online specialist, Web designer, UI/UX designer, front-end developer, Social Media nut, early adopter, proud father of twins! SF - M'tricht


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