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Richard Lemon

creative developer

Hi, my name is Richard Lemon and I'm a creative developer.

I've learned everything the old-fashioned way, using Stack Overflow and a plethora of Google searches. I fell in love with code when I wrote my first 'Hello, World' and have been hacking away at my keyboard ever since. I'm also a sucker for good design, as in I'll gladly pay extra for a carton of eggs with well-designed packaging.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands but my coding skills got refined in the Bay Area (2003 - 2010). In 2011 I decided to move back to my roots (Love is a strange thing...) and I'm happily live in the beautiful city of Maastricht. I'm blessed with twins and a wonderful wife. I'm currently employed at ideebv

Yup, this is me

Mugshots throughout life...

Richard Lemon - Creative Developer
Richard Lemon - Creative Developer
Richard Lemon - Creative Developer3
Richard Lemon - Creative Developer

Need to contact me?

If you're in need of a website or any other digital asset, please contact me at my current job. If you just want to say hi fill out the form under 'contact me'.

Stationsstraat 21B,
6221 BN Maastricht

+31 43 3270 270

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